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Bleistift :   25 Jahre Boeckerherde 1909-1934 , Fund im Zoetermeer 2019   :-)

Dear sir, madam excuse me for writing you in english.I was recently flyfishing for trout in de river Kyll, near Birresborn. I found in the river a silver pencilholder with a piece of pencil in it.The silver holder has an inscription: “25 jahre Boecker Herde 1909-1934”. on Internet i found out that the fabric, that gave out the pencil, once was located in your town, Schwelm.The pencil must be lost by someone fishing on that spot near Birresborn, i suppose.If you are interested in having that object , i will be pleased to donate it to you.If you send me an adress, i will post it to you. The pencil is old en an little damaged, but the inscription is good readable.
My kind regards,Chris van Elk, Zoetermeer, Nederland.